5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Insurance Before the New Year

Want to Take Advantage of Your Benefits?

5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Insurance Before the New Year

Fall is in full swing and the end of the year is right around the corner. Naturally many of us don’t think of the dentist as end of the year plans, but knowing these 5 tidbits about dental insurance will save you money and have you reconsider your plans.

Using your dental benefits before the end of the year could save you hundreds! Some dental insurance plans run on a fiscal year, however, many others run on a traditional calendar year. If your dental insurance plan runs on a traditional calendar year, you may be able to save yourself hundreds on dollars overall!

If your dental insurance plan is, in fact, on a calendar year, these 5 reasons will show you why you should make a dental appointment today.


A yearly maximum is the most amount of money a dental insurance plan will cover within one full insurance year. The amount generally varies by company as well as coverage, however the average generally falls to about $1,000 a person / a year. Depending on when your plan has begun this maximum renews itself at the first of January and unused benefits fall by the wayside if not used!


A Deductible is the sum of money that is required out of pocket to your dentist before your insurance and benefits kick in for the services. These fees will range depending on plan, coverage, or if you see an “out of network” dentist. Regardless, the average deductible for an insurance is around $50 per year. The deductible, just like the yearly maximum, also renews itself when the fiscal year rolls over.


Even if you don’t need dental treatments, you should always have your 6 month regular check up to help prevent and detect early signs of disease, cancer, cavities, or any other potential problems. In addition, if you are paying insurance premiums each month, you should be using your benefits as well!


Insurance plans generally never stay the same and another reason to use your benefits now is due to potential fee increases in the following year. Some insurance companies and dentists raise rates at the beginning of the year due to additional overhead or other outlying factors. Fees aren’t always added to the monthly payment either, copay costs can also increase giving you more reason to schedule an appointment now while your rates are locked in.


As previously mentioned with the 6 month check up, dental treatment is much less expensive and much less extensive if it is managed properly. Delaying treatment drastically increases your risk of a small problem becoming a serious one in the future. Use your smarts and use your benefits, schedule an appointment now.

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