5 ways to a Bright Holiday Smile

The holidays are upon us and that means it’s a time to be social.. Whether with family or friends, your smile should exude the same warmth as the feeling that originated it. To achieve a bright holiday smile, we’ve gathered 5 easy tips / reminders that will keep your teeth as white as they can be this holiday year..

1) Good Habits

The holidays make for a chaotic time of year, with parties, travel, and frankly just being plain busy, it’s easy for normal routines or habits to fall by the wayside. With that said, be conscious of your doings, your nutrition, and your oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing twice a day. Or if you indulge in sweets and sweet drinks sometimes more.

2) Frame it Up

This one is for the ladies.. Photos are quite prevalent during the holidays so here is the easiest whitening tip you can receive this holiday season, it’s your lipstick. To accent your smile the way you want in your photos or in public, choose a lipstick that is red or pink while using a blueish undertone. That simple and your teeth will pop in any photo.

3) Straw-berry Awesome

Not only are they delicious, strawberries offer something not as commonly known, teeth whitening power. Inside this delectable fruit there is an acid called malic. Unlike other acids on your teeth, malic naturally removes stains and old discoloration on your teeth.

4) Water is Wonderful

During a time of indulgence with food and drink, it’s key for you to retain your water intake. Not only for the obvious benefits of water has on your body, but it also acts like a mouth wash.. Helping wash away previously eaten food or drink. So after that glass of wine or sweet treat, a glass of water after definitely won’t hurt.

5) Teeth are NOT Tools

Although readily accessible, teeth are in fact, not tools. Many incidents resulting in dental work are due to people using their teeth to “cut”, “tear”, or “open” a package or something else. So slow your roll on that next gift from Aunt Judy and grab a pair of scissors, your mouth will thank you.

Need Whitening Help?

If you’re looking for a whiter smile much quicker, we are here to help. Our in office whitening system allows you to quickly see an improvement in your smile in just 20 minutes! Yes 20 minutes! Our patients have been so pleased with this system because standard in office 1 hour treatments and over the counter kits often do not deliver the promised results and cause a huge amount of pain. Our system provides effective results with no sensitivity after your appointment.

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