6 Creative Ways to Make Home Brushing Fun

  1. Get them involved. Take a trip to the store and have them pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste. This will make them feel like it is their choice to participate as well as setting a good example with your own oral care.
  2. Set a fun timer. Choose a song to sing or play a “toothbrush song” that keeps them occupied while brushing. Songs such as the birthday song, or let them choose a song that you play for them while they brush. This helps pass the time to reach that 1-2 minute goal!
  3. Create a fun holder for them. Choose a hard plastic toy such as a dinosaur and drill holes into it to make a fun toothbrush holder that they look forward to seeing each day. It will get them excited about the process.
  4. Trying different toothpastes. Whether it is a different flavor or character on the toothpaste bottle, this can create new excitement to them and enjoy brushing their teeth.
  5. Having multiple toothbrushes allowing them to have options to which one they want to use. Letting them have some control over the task of brushing will encourage them.
  6. Offering rewards. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Letting them choose a book to read before bedtime or having a sticker chart and after so many stickers giving them some sort of toy. Don’t look at it as a bribe but just motivation for them to get into the good habit of healthy oral care.

Keep those little ones brushing and let’s keep those checkups to checkups only, minimize the cavity treatments! If you need to get your little one his or her 6 month checkup, call us at (805) 884-1874 or reach us here.

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