iTero Scanner

An iTero scanner is similar to an intraoral camera, but it creates a highly detailed 3D model of your teeth. We can use the digital 3D model in place of dental impressions with traditional plaster models. Our iTero scanner is most helpful for creating the most accurate impressions for clear aligners or dental crowns.

How Does the iTero Scanner Work? 

The iTero intraoral scanner project lots of light onto your teeth. Then it scans the mouth, using imaging sensors that connect to scanning software. A 3D surface model of your teeth appears on the computer screen. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Intraoral Scanners? 

The iTero scanner has many benefits: 

  • More comfort for you — With the iTero scanner, you don’t have to go through the process of sitting with messy mold trays and impression material (alginate) in your mouth. It’s much more comfortable for you. 
  • More accurate impressions — A digital impression is more accurate than a traditional impression made by hand. 
  • Faster processing — You don’t spend as long in the chair with digital impressions because they are faster than getting traditional impressions.
  • Immediate results — Digital impressions are available as soon as the scan completes. They don’t have to wait for drying or refinement like traditional impressions.