Can You Fix My Broken Down Teeth? | Ask the Dentist

Broken down teeth can be the result of many different factors like decay, neglect, structural weakening, bad dental restorations, trauma, and sometimes simply wear and tear. Whatever your case might be, aesthetic reconstruction is a great option for getting your life back.


Fortunately there are several different options that are sure to restore your teeth, smile, and function. Dental technology has come a long ways and procedures are much more effective, more painless, and will restore your smile to it’s original beauty in no time! Here at Ericson Dental we have many options to for broken down teeth like:

  • Porcelain Crowns. A very effective way to regain your smile, our master ceramists lab technicians are here to make your new crowns specifically to you and your needs.
  • Dental Implants. Implants are used to replaced missing teeth or to replace teeth that are past the point of repair. They are a great option to stabilize bite, restore function, and appearance.
  • Cosmetic Bonding. For smaller repairs, bonding fixes chips, gaps, & jagged edges on teeth making for a great solution on lesser impacted imperfections.

Each patient has a different recipe for long term success, whether implants, crowns, or another means.. If your teeth are breaking down, not where you’d like them to be, or if you’d like the smile you always dreamed of and deserve, contact us for questions on our contact page or by phone (805) 884-1874. Let’s get you smiling again!

About Dr. Ericson..

Since graduating from the USC School of Dentistry with academic honors, Dr. Ericson has been dedicated to furthering his knowledge and scope of practice. He completes on average six times the required amount of continuing education per year, traveling to the best courses available. Dr. Ericson has excelled at two residencies in implant surgery and multiple residencies in advanced bone grafting, gum grafting, oral surgery and surgical orthodontics…

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