Can You Get Numb Without a Shot? | Ask the Dentist

Q: I heard you can get be numb without giving me a shot. How is that possible?

A: We have the latest in anesthesia technology at our office that we would love to share with you. Our computerized anesthesia device:

  • Allows us to numb your tooth with true needless anesthesia.
  •  Delivers a couple of drops of anesthesia at a time, numbing the tooth as it goes.
  •  Numbs a single tooth so you do not leave the office feeling like half of your face is asleep.
  • Wears off within 20-30 minutes so you can return to your normal eating and drinking routine.
  • Uses much less anesthetic while providing more reliable results.
  • Takes affect immediately so you do not waste time in the chair waiting to get numb.

We are able to utilize this technology for all our procedures and it is a favorite among our patients. Most of them do not even realize we numbed their tooth!

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