“Richard’s” Remarkable Smile Transformation

There is no better testament to a great dentist than a patient telling you how great they look and feel after dental restorations and procedures. Below is a letter that Ericson Dental would like to share about, “Richard’s,” new smile.

Dear Dr Ericson & Jennifer,

You both are exceptional individuals and extremely talented.

Two years ago I took the decision that it was time to take charge of Richards teeth problem that was causing him severe pain and discomfort. His mouth and body were having to deal with the obvious infections, and if not treated would become life threatening, to say nothing of the damage to his self esteem as a young human being.

Growing up Richard had made some typical mistakes that so many young people make in spite of the good parenting they had received for many years.

In today’s world, so many young people think they are doing the right thing and its cool, but as time goes by, they find out all too often when they experience the ultimate reality check that perhaps in pursuit of those cool activities they had damaged themselves beyond repair.

The last two years have been a bumpy ride for everyone trying to help give Richard a second chance with many ups and downs along the way.

When Richard had his Mr Ed teeth installed we were all so pleased to see that he had teeth again but this was overshadowed by the fact they just did not look right for his mouth or his smile, and fortunately, we were all on the same page.

But, this is where the exceptional talent of the Ericson Dental team kicked in and saved the day.

Many people would have said at this point, “Sorry this is the way it is,” but thanks to the true professionalism of the Ericson Dental team this result was not acceptable and without any disagreement, everyone made the decision to restart the process from the beginning.

The end result was magnificent and Richard is a very lucky person to have had this total dedication from the Ericson Dental team who achieved an exceptional end result.

Dr Ericson & Jennifer.


Ericson Dental

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