Dental Emergencies

Are your teeth or gums causing you pain? Do you need help right now? Pathway Dental Group is here! Dental emergencies are never expected and it’s important to seek help right away if you begin to experience toothaches or other dental pain. We offer same-day appointments for emergency dental problems. Whether your mouth is experiencing pain, discomfort, bleeding, or there’s been structural damage – we will do our best to help treat your dental pain and diagnose the problem. Our compassionate team provides expert care whether you’re a first-time patient or have been coming to Pathway Dental Group for years.

Our Same-Day Emergency Care Includes:

Tooth Restorations

Many times dental emergencies involve tooth loss or injury. Depending on the tooth injury, we offer emergency restorations including bondings, crowns, bridges and fillings.

Toothaches & Pain Relief

The main goal at an emergency dental appointment is treating the discomfort and pain. If treatment has to be scheduled for a future date, we will help ease your pain until treatment can be completed.

If you are in need of same-day dental emergency care in Santa Barbara, CA, call our office today! We will work to fit you in right away and treat the cause of your dental emergency.

  • $109 Exam & X-Ray*

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