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We're Accepting New Patients at All Three of Our Dental Offices

Welcome to the Pathway Family!

Welcome to Pathway Dental Group. We are currently accepting new patients at each of our three locations in Santa Barbara County, California — Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Lompoc. If you’re ready for a check-up, we’re ready for your visit. Let us help you care for your smile. 

Contact us or make your appointment online. After you schedule your visit, you can fill out your new patient forms online.

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Your First Visit at Pathway Dental Group

At your first Pathway Dental visit, you’ll receive a professional dental exam and X-rays. We’ll take the time to review your past medical and dental history, look at any immediate dental concerns, and come up with a treatment plan that supports your oral health. 

Our family-friendly office is designed for your comfort. You’ll get quality dental care in a newly renovated space. We think of your first visit as the start of a long-term relationship. We look forward to getting to know you, answering your questions, and providing any dental patient resources you need. 

Please bring this information to your first visit:

  • Completed new patient forms
  • Any X-rays from a previous dentist if you have them (your previous dentist also can forward X-rays to our office if you ask)
  • A list of medications you take
  • A list of current health concerns, issues, and past surgeries
  • Your dental insurance card (if applicable)

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Free Sleep Apnea Consultation

Trouble sleeping? Many people suffer from sleep apnea and don’t even realize it. Getting a good night’s rest can improve your productivity and overall health. If you wake up tired after a full night of rest, suffer from loud snoring, or have morning headaches, these could be signs of sleep apnea. There are many symptoms that point towards sleep apnea, and getting a professional opinion can help you know how to treat your symptoms. 

To help you get started, we are pleased to offer a free sleep apnea consultation. Take the first step towards getting a better night’s sleep at no cost. If you live in Santa Barbara County, California, or the surrounding area, call us today!

Insurance and Financing

We believe quality dental care should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Because oral health is so important, we do everything we can to remove financial barriers and help the greatest number of patients possible. We accept most insurance providers and third-party payment alternatives for those without insurance.

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