Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is just what it sounds like — a complete reworking of your teeth. We bring together cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry to improve your mouth’s function, health and look.

Your Smile Makeover Dentist in Santa Barbara, CA

A smile makeover is a dental transformation. It can involve a combination of procedures, such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, orthodontia, dental bonding, dental implants and more. All procedures are meant to go beyond oral health concerns and enhance your smile.

Smile makeovers are unique to you. We customize treatment, so it meets your needs. From tooth discoloration, to gaps, we’re here to make you proud of your smile.

To find the right treatment for improving your smile, call our office today for a consultation. Our team can examine your teeth and go over a recommended treatment plan that lays out each step towards reaching your goals.

Smiling woman sitting in a dental chair during a dental visit
  • How much does a smile makeover cost?

    The cost of a smile makeover depends on your goals and the condition of your mouth. Most smile makeovers include alignment and professional teeth whitening. This level of work costs less than a moderate full mouth construction, which costs on average $15,000–$40,000. Pathway Dental Group has plenty of financing options to help you with your smile makeover.

  • What’s involved in a full mouth reconstruction?

    Your full mouth reconstruction likely will involve several procedures. Treatment may include, but is not limited to:

    • Clear aligners
    • Dental veneers
    • Teeth whitening
  • Who should get a teeth makeover?

    We recommend teeth makeovers to people who want to change the look of their smile. Reasons can vary from patients who have dental problems throughout their mouth to those who don’t like the look of their mouth.

    A smile makeover can help if you have:

    • Cracked or broken teeth
    • Lots of large fillings that require retreatment and have decay
    • Medical conditions, such as ectodermal dysplasia, amelogenesis or dentinogenesis imperfecta
    • Several missing teeth
    • Worn down teeth from grinding or other habits

More Questions?

If you have any questions about the smile makeover process or want to schedule a consultation—contact us today.