Teeth Crowding & Spacing Correction

When teeth are crowded or have too much space, it can lead to other issues. Learn about our teeth spacing correction dental services that can restore your teeth to their optimal position.

Teeth Crowding

Teeth crowding happens when there isn’t enough room within your jaws for all teeth to fit comfortably. Your teeth may twist or shift. You may experience crowding if you lose baby teeth too early, too late, or if the teeth grow incorrectly.

If teeth crowding is severe, an expander may help widen the jaw to create more space in the mouth. Metal braces or clear aligners also can slowly readjust the teeth to create more space.

Teeth Spacing

Teeth spacing is the opposite of teeth crowding. It happens when there is too much space, or gaps, between your teeth. Your teeth may be too small for the space, or you may have missing teeth or abnormal gum tissue. Braces or clear aligners are the most common treatment options for spacing.

If you or your child has crowding or spacing issues, call us so we can find the right treatment for you.

  • How do you correct crowded teeth?

    Usually, we correct crowded teeth with braces or clear aligners. In very mind cases, a fixed or removable retainer may be enough to fix the problem. For moderate cases, we may use veneers. We may recommend a dental expanding device or pulling teeth to make room for severe cases.

  • What are some causes of teeth spacing issues?

    Some causes of teeth spacing issues include:

    • Early loss of baby teeth, leading to adult teeth growing in misaligned
    • Extra teeth that affect the position of other teeth
    • Large jawbone that creates too much room for teeth and gaps
    • A large tongue, which can cause the teeth to flare, creating extra space
    • Missing teeth, which create gaps
    • Natural skeletal development
    • Small teeth that don’t take up enough space

More Questions?

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